Our signature retreat is borne from a view that life is for living with generosity, abundance and discipline rather than deprivation and limitation.

We focus on what is strong within you – not what is wrong, your unique gifts that you were born with and an unwavering belief that we all have the potential for health, happiness, loving relationships with our selves and others and a clear purpose to use our unique gifts.

Our method draws from both ancient and contemporary practices of the East and the West underpinned by elemental and archetypal understandings of the interdependence of life, nature and the seasons.

Our holistic healing method will help you understand your patterns and become more conscious of bringing life affirming and strengthening choices for healing our self and creating a joyful life.

Over five days through, story, myth, dance, movement, ritual, and contemplative practices we will help you incubate and bring forth;

  • Your sacred voice and make peace with your story whilst midwifing a new story
  • Develop your own personal HEALING and HEART Song
  • Learn about archetypes, cycles and rhythms  that govern the COSMOS and affect our daily life
  • Develop your intuition and discover your unique medicine
  • Rekindle Desire and Eros in your life with Joy and Euphoria

May you be blessed on this journey with us as we move towards HEALING.

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